Ecom Med Medical Joint Stock Company

Ecom Med Jsc - a wholly owned subsidiary of Ecom Net Investment Holding Company, was established in 2017 in Vietnam, with a branch office in Washington D.C, the US. Ecom Med supplies disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used in the Medical and Industrial sectors such as: protective clothing, gloves, helmets, medical masks, masks epidemic prevention, antibacterial hand sanitizer and some other related items for health...

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Our Factories

The factory of Ecom Med Medical Joint Stock Company is the place to produce high quality Ecom Med Medical Masks and personal medical protective products (PPE) that meet export standards to the most difficult markets in the world such as America, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc,.

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OEM Manufacturer

Vietnam PPE OEM Manufacturer - Ecom Med is a professional outsourcer for major brands around the world. With its professionalism and prestige, many of the world’s major partners have trusted to choose the processing of disposable personal protective medical equipment (PPE) at Ecom Med’s factory.

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Ecom Med sponsored 9000 pieces of antibacterial medical masks for the organizers of VITM Hanoi 2020

In order to share with people in the central provinces, which are continuously suffering the heavy consequences caused by floods, Ecom Med Medical Joint Stock Company will sponsor 9000 pieces...

6 Valuable Tips To Avoid Buying Poor Quality Masks

We would like to share experience in buying medical masks for customers. Medical masks are increasingly used and popularized. Most consumers are interested in how to buy quality products and...

Experience In Choosing Quality Children’s Medical Masks

On the market, all kinds of children's medical masks are currently offered for sale with a variety of different prices and different quality. As a smart consumer, it’s necessary for...

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