After the big fire in the warehouse of Rang Dong thermos bulbs. The people of Hanoi in general and Vietnamese people are anxious and seek ways to protect their health. The first thing that you cannot ignore is the use of an air filter face mask.

This product prevents the wearer from inhaling harmful substances, smoke emitted from buildings, polluted air (sulfur, mercury). It is also a method to protect your “lungs” when in traffic.

What is PM2.5 dust?

PM in PM2.5 or PM10 stands for Particulate matter, which means particulate matter. PM2.5 or PM10 are indicators of air quality, indicating the size and density of dust particles floating in the air. Therefore, we can understand that PM2.5 dust is suspended dust particles with a diameter of less than or equal to 2.5 µm (micrometer).

dust face mask

Environmental scientists have proven, these microscopic dust particles are one of the factors that pollute the air environment. As you may not know, particles in the air less than 10 micrometres in diameter are particles that can be inhaled by humans while breathing.

For a long time, they will accumulate on the lungs, causing dangerous diseases for human health. Particles less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter are particularly dangerous because they penetrate directly into the lung sacs. Therefore, scientists use the PM 2.5 index to denote the standard content of floating particles per cubic meter of air. This index higher also means that the air pollution is more serious there.

To best prevent inhalation of particles less than 2.5 micrometres, the Japanese have developed protective face masks that filter the air before being put into the lungs by humans.

Understanding the importance of face masks, we will provide you with the best protective face masks to buy right below:

GP Extreme Activated Carbon Face mask

Made from 100% high activated carbon ingredients fiber grade. GP Extreme respirators are designed to the highest standards. It works to protect the wearer’s breathing while on the road. The product is also suitable for those who are working in an environment containing a lot of pollutants, full of smoke and dust.

N95 face mask

The advantage of this labor protection face mask can filter 99% of small dust and 100% of big dust. At the same time can filter some harmful dust and filter odors in the air.

Neo Face mask NC95 Respirator

This air purifying respirator is made from special pressed activated carbon. Product design consists of 4 layers:

  • High-quality non-woven fabric, high-grade dust filter
  • High-grade dust filter
  • Activated carbon pressed in the fabric
  • Sweat-absorbent fabric brings comfort when using the product.

nc face mask

The product can filter out micro dust particles, chemicals, gasoline odors, other pollutants or odors from the environment.

Beauty Face mask Anti-Dust Face mask

The biggest advantage of Beauty Face mask is that the wearer’s breath will escape from the tiny holes in the surface. Without flying upwards creating mist blurring the glasses.

beauty face mask

In addition, this protective face mask is 98% UV resistant, antibacterial, and dust filter. Suitable for people with allergies to dust and pollution.

Anti-dust face mask with valve 3M KN90

Smart valve design, with elastic strap and steel brace at the nose. The product also features anti-dust, toxic gas filter, no fog condensation. It also creates an airy, discreet feeling that makes the wearer always feel most comfortable.

3m face mask

It can be said that this is one of the top air purifying face mask products. It has a filter carrier made of electrically charged fibers, removing up to 90% of dust particles as small as 0.3 micrometres or more.

The product is suitable for workers working in environments with polluted air, construction sites or spraying paint, spraying pesticides, …

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