Ecom Med Face Shield Removable Adjustable Anti Crash Anti Fog

  • Reusable faceshield. Protection against droplet, smog, pollen, automobile exhausted, dust, haze.
  • Comfort and securely fits with soft elastic headband and forehead soft foam trip cushion.
  • Clarity enhacement with specialty anti-fog coating.
  • Double protective film_Removable and Adjustable Front Cover Anti crash, Anti Fog


  • ISO 13485, ISO 9001-2005
  • FDA registration
  • CE marked
  • TUV Certificate & Testing Report
Product Code Material Size & Weight Packing


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PC coat film shield

• Size: 20.8*34 cm
• Shield thickness 0.4mm
• Net weight: 60g/ piece

• 20pcs of FrontCover/ Bag, 5pcs of Face Shiled Frame/ Bag
• Be Packed Frame on top of the Front Cover
• Carton size of 200pcs: 60*36*51cm, Gross weight: 15 kg


1. Front face shield: 

  • Imported polymer film
  • Two – side protective PE films
  • Provides unrestricted visibility

2. Upper shell:

  • Fully cover face

3. Headband:

  • Headband 1: curves round head with elastic foam band for versatile sizing
  • Headband 2: connecting with front face shield

4. Forehead Band: 

  • Able to provide a secure, custom fit.


  • Protection against droplet, smog, pollen, automobile exhausted, dust, haze

Shelf life:

  • Boby: 2 years from the date of manufacture
  • Front visor: 2 months from the date of use