Medical masks are a term used to refer to a protective mask used to cover the face (usually nose, mouth) to prevent the wearer from being infected. bacteria, diseases, dust through the respiratory tract. Medical masks are widely used in medical facilities, providing for doctors, nurses, physical assistant, forensic examiners … especially those doing surgical work, dissecting.

However, the popularity of this face mask not only stops at medical facilities as its original purpose, but nowadays, they are also used a lot in the market by all types of users.

medical masks

A normal medical protective mask will have three main effects: dust, chemicals, and microorganisms. In particular, special medical masks are produced with the effect of preventing microorganisms, so they are manufactured with special materials and technology.

Nowadays, all kinds of medical masks are popular with relatively cheap prices, so people can easily equip themselves and their families to prevent pandemics such as the flu. or simply to protect people when out on the street, in traffic. In addition, many people wear masks while sick to avoid infecting others in public.

Note, you should choose masks that can cover the nose and mouth. Otherwise, dust, chemicals and microorganisms will not pass through the filter, but go through the crevice into the nose and mouth, running deep into the lungs. For the nose mask, dust, chemicals and microorganisms still can enter the body through the mouth, although to a lesser extent.

Many people have the habit of buying masks along the way and then use them immediately or hang, hook them up on the car, put them in their clothes pockets … That makes the mask more harmful microorganisms due to dust, moisture, mold, odor. … Besides, you should also not use a medical mask many times to avoid the mask contaminated with bacteria before.

medical masks

In Vietnam, there are many types of medical masks available in many grocery stores, sewn from musty fabrics, scraps and untreated, containing countless health-threatening bacteria. user. In many places, masks are made of fabric and are of poor quality.

In particular, most of the masks sold today are designed not to hug the wearer’s nose and mouth, creating gaps that make bacteria easy to penetrate. Therefore, in order for the mask to fulfill all its functions, you should choose to buy it at medical facilities, drugstores to ensure quality.

face mask

In addition, you can choose to buy all kinds of protective masks, including medical masks.

Significant benefits of dust masks

  • Prevent negative effects from smoke and dust on your respiratory system. human.
  • Reduce unpleasant odors from gasoline, gasoline, chemicals, …
  • Prevent virus transmission from person to person
  • Protect face from negative impacts from the environment and rays ultraviolet from sunlight.
  • Support the prevention of respiratory diseases when working in a dusty environment, scrap iron, wood humus, soil, sand, …

Overview of the dust masks you should use:

Protective masks work as a mask to protect the face from external aggressors. Manufacturers recommend that: each mask should be used only once to ensure hygiene. Soft fabric material is comfortable, light and effective against harmful ultraviolet rays from sunlight, dirt and mist. In particular, most of these masks are not irritating to all skin types.

medical mask

Dust-proof mask is convex, hugging the facial contours. Dual strap construction with metal nose bridge ensures a snug fit and a firm fix to all face sizes.

The special thing that conventional masks do not have is the small valves that reduce heat and moisture during work, making it easier for the user to breathe.

This special structure is also very suitable for those who regularly wear glasses. If you are a person with eye problems and have to use glasses every day to make it easier to see, then you must be uncomfortable every time you wear a mask. Absorption due to the enclosed environment often results in blurred and very uncomfortable lenses. With dust-proof masks with high-level protection design, workers will feel comfortable even in hot and humid conditions.

Applications: In addition to daily use against dust, this protective mask can also be used in the working environment such as metallurgy, construction or wood processing, environments containing many chemicals, …

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