Before the air pollution and especially the spreading Covid-19 pandemic. The government has issued urgent notice about how the pandemic is spread. That is the reason we need to find the best respiratory protection for ourselves and our family.

One of the important products that people are interested in today is 3M face masks. This is a product recommended by experts to prevent pandemics today. If you do not know which one to choose then read our article to know more!

3M face masks

Highlights of the 3M face masks

  1. Classified by each feature

The company gives out a lot of face mask codes to specify with the working features such as: Anti-dirt, fine dust, oil dust, metals, chemicals , oil and gas, anti-toxic, … respond well in the working environment from simple to higher requirements.

In addition, 3M also classifies masks for adults, children, face sizes, … suitable for all usage requirements of consumers around the world.

  1. Tight-fitting

design Product design has the most distinctive design compared to conventional face mask products. Especially, the 3M face mask has a design that embraces the face, increasing the efficiency of dust filtering, anti-toxic from outside.

  1. New generation premium materials

3M brand face masks are woven from anti-static fibers. It applied the latest technology is bringing activated carbon filter helps antibacterial, purifies all dirt, harmful bacteria, while ensuring comfort for the user

Integrated 8 masks 3M is best to use

  1. 3M 9001 Masks

For those who are doing works related to packaging, sanding, oil dust, cutting at construction sites, this will be the right product for you.

Outstanding advantages:

  • 3M 9001 masks are designed to add side open valves to help the wearer breathe more comfortably. In addition, the product has an extra button to adjust the snug on the nose so you can customize according to your face size.
  • Using an electrostatic filter helps to remove dust and harmful toxins.
  • Suitable for people with nearsightedness because it does not create fog when wearing.
  • Can be used several times before changing to a new mask.
  • Completely filters out organic matter such as paint or gas.
  • The product is compact and does not put pressure on human skin.
  1. 3M 9001V Respirator

This respirator will be a great choice for those who have to work in hazardous environments, polluted air. Or those who have to move regularly on the street.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Designed to fit the face, high degree of concealment.
  • Made of high quality fabric, extremely dry even though worn continuously for hours.
  • Especially, the 3M 9001v structure does not touch the lips, effectively avoiding the sticky lipstick.
  • The rubber strap is soft, hard to break and does not cause ear pain.
  • The manufacturer announced the product life can be used within 1 week, extremely profitable right?
  • Plus, does not cause condensation when wearing glasses.
  1. 3M 8822 Respirators 3M 8822

masks are used most in factories, factories containing a lot of dirt. Or high temperature work environments.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Using advanced 3M Cool Flow technology to create a great valve line that effectively cools, reduces heat and doesn’t cause sweating no matter how high the workplace humidity is.
  • The breathing valve meets the strict standards of EN 149 & AS / NZS.
  • Additional soft metal design allows you to adjust the fit.
  • Two straps made of extremely strong rubber, good elasticity, does not cause damage to the skin.
  • The usable weight is only 13g, so it is extremely comfortable for the wearer.
  • The dust-free effect is up to 94%, protecting your respiratory system better.
  1. 3M N95

Respirators 3M N95 respirators are widely used in oil-free environments based on the NIOSH classification system.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Clean up to 95% micro-emergency, dust from the air. Bring cool, clean for users.
  • The product is only fine with no oil-free environment.
  • Design more metal pads to adjust the fit according to the face, providing better filtration effect.
  • The strap uses rubber material so it has good elasticity, is easy to customize and does not cause ear pain when worn for a long time.
  1. 3M respirator 9501

This product is specially designed for those with small faces to help protect their health when working in a dusty environment. What’s more, the 9501 respirator can filter solid dust and liquid dust well.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Products made from nonwoven fabrics should be extremely safe and do not cause skin irritation.
  • Inside the product, there is an extra layer of activated carbon that helps to optimize antibacterial, dust filtering, and virus removal.
  • Super light weight of only 12g should bring the most comfort and comfort to users.
  • The strap uses elastic band so it is easy to adjust the length / short to suit the size of the face.

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