Face shield

Specification for this item:

Name Code: ECOM08

Color: white



Shield Demesion (mm): L340 x W208

Mã: ECOM08 Danh mục:

Mô tả

1. Front Face Shield: Made from imported polymer film
– FDA compliance for medical device, RoHS environmental standard, safety for
– Two-side protective PE films ensure scratch
– Clear for maximum visibility, resitance to fogging, no eye strain for hours of using
– Flexible face shield, comfortable while working or doing intense
– The polymer film has tempature resistance over 100 celsius degree which is easily cleaned and
sterilized with hot water, scatch resistance, reusable
2. Upper Shell: This is the unique characturistic of our design
– Fully covered face, preventting as much as potentially infectious droplet in surrounding
3. Headband: Including 2 different headbands
– Headband 1: curves round head with elastic foam band, which makes user comfortable while using
– Headband 2: connecting with front face shield creates a technical, safe and comfortable
with a suitable distance to the eyes, ,left no irritation while wearing
4. Forehead Band: Flexible, easily changeabale size, appropriate for children and adults

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