Ecom Med & Viet Media Travel Joined Hand To Give Away 10.000 Facemasks In The Fight Against Covid 19

Amid Covid 19 is becoming global pandemic and and evolving complicatedly, in the early of February 2020, Viet Media Travel Company and Ecom Net Investment Joint Stock Company have incorporated and joined hands with the community to repel the pandemic and appealed people for self-health protection and other people.

While the market is under supply scarce, 10,000 qualified Ecom Med medical face masks are distributed free of charge at the headquarters of Vietnam Travel Communication Joint Stock Company at 239A Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Each person will receive a bag of 10 medical face mask. This is the effort from the company to join hand with the community in the pandemic prevention.

Ecom Net & Ecom Med hopes that small contributors will create the spread, this period needs the sharing and cooperation of the whole community, especially the leading exporters of medical face masks and medical protective equipment. All for a strong Vietnam, suppressing Covid 19, bringing safety to the people.

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