Medical/ Surgical gloves

Material: nitrile
Scope of application: tattoo beauty, hotel cleaning, tattoo repair, laboratory exam
Size: Size L, Palm width: 10cm, Recommended crowd: women with large hands or men with small hands; Size XL, Palm width: Greater than 10CM, Recommended crowd: men with large hands

Medical GlovesSurgical Gloves

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Mô tả

Medical GlovesSurgical Gloves

– Selected nitrile material, powder-free, will not cause allergic reactions to the skin, comfortable and easy to wear.
– Anti-slip textured surface of fingertips to improve grip and prevent items from falling off easily.
– High elasticity, strong tension, high softness, thick and durable, not easy to break.
– Universal left and right, 100pcs/pack, convenient and easy to use.
– Suitable for multiple scenes, like industrial applications, laboratories, cleaning operations, tattoo beauty, machinery maintenance, etc.

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